Abu Dhabi’s New Park Will Hide a 30-Acre Oasis Below the Desert

24 Apr

Abu Dhabi's New Park Will Hide a 30-Acre Oasis Below the Desert

The United Arab Emirates has been overrun with a surge of costly and extravagant developments over the past decade including the Palm Islands and Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Now, a 125,000 square-meter park in Abu Dhabi will join them—but this isn’t your average mega-development.

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U.S. Gov’t Changed Your HealthCare.gov Password Because of Heartbleed

21 Apr

U.S. Gov't Changed Your HealthCare.gov Password Because of Heartbleed

Heartbleed, the gaping flaw that left the internet’s security gate wide open for more than two years, is causing headaches for yet another site: the beleagured Healthcare.gov . The government says the site has not been compromised, but officials have reset all user passwords "out of an abundance of caution." Heartbleed’s not done causing heartburn yet.

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What Would Happen If the Earth Span So Fast a Day Lasted One Second?

18 Apr

What Would Happen If the Earth Span So Fast a Day Lasted One Second?

The Earth takes a little under 24 hours to rotates on its axis. But what if that leisurely paced pick up—and up and up and up?

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4 Charts That Prove More Americans Are Biking and Walking

17 Apr

4 Charts That Prove More Americans Are Biking and Walking

Americans are not only walking and biking to work, they’re gaining more support from local government and advocacy groups. And they’re also making cities safer: The higher the number of people walking to work, the lower the pedestrian fatality rate, according to a new report out today.

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This Fractured Fairy Tale of French Fantasy Will Haunt Your Dreams

16 Apr

Moongai, the Electro Pop duo out of Nantes, France has a new album coming out. But rather than play a single track all the way through to show off their musical chops, the band instead performs a bit of each in their surreal music video. But as with all dreams, not everything in these fanciful visions is as it seems.

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Someone Just Bought a House in L.A. for $102 Million… In Cash

15 Apr

Someone Just Bought a House in L.A. for $102 Million... In Cash

When Los Angeles’s most expensive house went up for sale at $125 million, no one expected it to go for that price in a million years. Well, someone, identified only as a "French billionaire," has bought said house for only slightly less that that figure: $102 million. And just to rub it in, the dude paid cash.

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Highlights From The Disrupt Europe 2013 Hackathon

3 Nov

This past weekend, we brought together 500 of Berlin’s finest coders, designers, and builders for our first ever Disrupt Europe Hackathon. Teams had to slam together the best thing they could build from the ground up in just 24 hours, with $5,000, a chance to present your project in the main Disrupt Europe conference, and tons of other prizes up for grabs.

Couldn’t make it? It’s okay — there will be another one. In the mean time, TCTV has put together a lil’ video to show to give you a sense of the energy, exhaustion, and raw talent involved with an event like this.

While the judges had to pick just three winners, we were absolutely blown away by all of the projects — so much so, in fact, that we ended up giving tickets to Disrupt Europe to every single team that presented (we originally planned on giving tickets to the Top 40 or 50 teams, but there were just too many projects that we all liked.)

Want to peruse all of the awesome submissions? You can check out the full submission gallery here.

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