Apple offers educational discount on iPads

29 May

Apple has introduced education pricing for iPads, including the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. Customers visiting the Apple’s online education store will notice that the Retina iPad mini is available starting at $379 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, down from its usual price of $399, while the iPad Air starts at $469 for 16GB, down from $499.

Apple’s fourth-generation iPad, now just the iPad with Retina display, now available starting at $379. The original iPad mini, normally starting at $299, can be purchased beginning at $279. Education pricing on all iPads only applies to the Wi-Fi models, with the Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad models remaining at their usual prices.

If you can take advantage of educational pricing, will you be using it to get your hands on an iPad? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Apple Store for Education, Via: MacRumors

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Languages, George R.R. Martin, the FCC, Porn Copyrights, and More

18 May

Languages, George R.R. Martin, the FCC, Porn Copyrights, and More

We here at Gizmodo have been super busy gearing up for our Home of the Future, which you should totally come check out ! But we also spent the week bringing you the important stories you need to know, including the FCC’s terrible proposals on net neutrality, a map of the most commonly spoken languages in each state, and so much more!

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In 1989, the Car of the Future Was Equipped With a Fax Machine

12 May

In 1989, the Car of the Future Was Equipped With a Fax Machine

Job got you checking work emails even on your day off? Nostalgic for the pre-smartphone era? "When you left the office, you left work behind," you muse, wistfully. Quit fooling yourself: 25 years ago, the sportscar-driving business boss couldn’t afford to be out of touch—as evidenced by this fax-machine-equipped Isuzu 4200R concept car from 1989.

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LG gives a taste of the upcoming G3 with its first QuadHD phone

8 May

KDDI has just launched the first QuadHD (QHD) phone solely for the Japanese market, the Isai FL model built by LG. That gives us a preview of LG’s G3’s 5.5-inch 2,560 x 1,440 display and its record 538ppi resolution. As it happens, LG just announced…

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Iran censors WhatsApp because Mark Zuckerberg is a ‘Zionist’

7 May

It must be that internet access is slow, because Iran just got around to banning WhatsApp because parent company co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish. Kind of. After, you know, Facebook bought WhatsApp over two months ago. The ban comes courtesy of Abdolsamad Khorramabadi, Secretary of the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content, which has the power to block access to sites and services deemed offensive in content, ownership, or… well, whatever, really.

Khorramabadi described Zuckerberg as “an American Zionist”, which is apparently reason enough to extend Iran’s blocking of Facebook to WhatsApp as well. Strangely, the committee has not yet got around to blocking Facebook-owned Instagram, despite it being a part of Zuckerberg’s alleged Zionist enterprise for much longer than WhatsApp.

Nevermind that even though Zuckerberg was raised Jewish, he has since dropped religion and become an atheist. Though that too could probably be deemed offensive in the eyes of the committee; let alone his Jewish heritage, which too would probably be enough.

The committee’s actions aren’t without objection, even from within the Iranian government. Both the Iranian Communications Minister and President Hassan Rouhani have objected to the ban, though neither apparently has the authority to overrule the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content.

Just goes to show, the internet might be under assault at home, but it could always be much worse.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Ship causes explosion when trying to pass through a bridge

3 May

Ship causes explosion when trying to pass through a bridge

Boom. What an explosion. Even though it’s a tight fit to get through, you totally don’t expect the overhead line to blow up the way it did when you’re watching this ship try to pass through this railway bridge in the Netherlands.

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Data Hidden Inside of Music Could Soon Stream Right to Your Smartphone

1 May

Data Hidden Inside of Music Could Soon Stream Right to Your Smartphone

Your religious neighbor may have been wrong about the satanic messages hidden in your new-fangled rock music, but researchers at Disney have figured out a very real way to hide data within songs. In a new study, they explain how the next concert or movie you go to could broadcast content to your phone through sound.

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